how to get internalid of doc


i am using queue for polling concept once my doc gets queued that is (pollable) i need to get it so i am writing flow service using acceptdocument build in service so please let me know from where can i know the inertnalid of that doc is there any build in service.

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Actually to get the internalID you need to have either bizdoc in the pipeline or call query services (createDocumentQuery or documentQuery)…Please review the TN BIS userguide for Information on WmTN public services


This will not give any InternalID for that transaction document isn’t?..It gives TypeID for the TN Document type not transaction document that she is looking for:

Pls correct me If my theory is wrong:

My bad… I thought he is looking for TN Doc Internal id… Thanks for correcting…

As RMG rightly pointed out, you need bizdoc to get the InternalID of the bizdoc document.


It’s ok and I just making sure: