how to get flatfile from unix server and how to upload flat file to the unix server

Hi Guys!

iam working on flatfiles schema,here i want to flatfiles from unix server and i need map to the schemas and need to the map all schema data to the IS document,i want the flow steps in webmethods flow service to get from the unix server and to convert to values to the schema and mapping to the IS document…

these flatfiles having header details items details in the different flatfiles in the unix server

i need to make the DAT file from schemas these are different for header ,shiptodetails,lineitem,commentsline,additionalline

i need to make DAT file from these schemas the structure of DAT file should be like
<Order 1>

so i want the DAT file in the above format and need to upload these DAT in the unix server having ip,password,user name ,directory

so give me the steps to do above scenarios in the flowservice

if any help me on this i would appricate…


Are you trying to find out how to upload file from windows to unix ? I am trying to find out the reverse case i.e. how to upload file from unix to windows file server?

Let us know about your solution - that might help me.

thanks in advance


for both case need to use the ftp webflow service to get from unix server and to put file into unix server,this service available at wmpublic package under the client folder.

to get from unix server use ftp ftp service and give get value to the command ,give server host ip,server port as 21,username ,password,dirpath of the file,remotefile value name ,u vl get output in content as bytes,next step use convertToValue service vch is available in the WmFlatFile package,give flatefileschema path and name of the flat file,output of this service map to the flatfile reference.

to upload the flatfile in unix server use the converToString service pass the flatfile to this service get the string as a output ,this output map to the ftp service to the content filed of this ftp service ,give command input to the put value., give the username,password,host ip of unix server

than it vl upload the file to the unix server…

for windows server use follow service to get file and to connect to the server

use following services which is available in the wubpublic under the ftp folder use the service mentione in the below steps

1)login server service pass user and password,host name,ip
2) user the cd service give the dir patch name and file name
3) get service for getting file out put file of this service content contain the flatfile content as a bytes
4)use the logout service to log out

call convetTo values to all the steps above pass the content vallue to this service ,map the output of this service to flatfile

to put file use the put service instead of get service


Thanks anil. we have to use FTp to get or put files from unix server