How to generate EDI Flat Files ?

My main aim is to process EDI Flatfiles through Trading Networks. But
while dealing with EDI X12 standard 4010 standard 850 (P.O.) flat files, i often encounter problem in parsing the file using schema. Lot of errors generally result. I want to quickly fix this problem by generating flat files myself. Is there any in-built services available for doing so or which assists in doing so?? Does wM provide sample FF for EDI module ? Or else, please give some sample FF , which doesn’t create much problem while validating it!..

Bond :o

Before you assume what the “fix” is, might you want to determine what is the cause of the “lot of errors?” You may be able to parse the EDI files yourself without using the EDI FF schema, but that wouldn’t seem to be a “quick fix.”


If you check the WmEDISamples package service there are good examples of 850 to XML and XML to 850,did you reviewed them??

Are you getting lot of errors in 850 edidata parsing,for your testing with 850 EDIFFSchema you can use envelopeProcess,convertToValues WmEDI services for quick fix of your edidata.


Thanks rmg & reamon for ur suggestionz!
firstly, i should’ve posted this thread in webMethods EDI section… sorry, for that…
actually, i don’t have WmEDISamples package. i’ll install it. i think i can get in frm wm advantage site.
i think we need to significantly make changes in installed schema esp. to make some elements non-mandatory … as that’s one cause of the errors…
i’ll once go through the examplez… hope it’ll be helpful:cool: and good edi exercise (“mission”)…


Be cautious about modifying the EDI schemas. They aren’t “wrong” normally (though I have encountered a couple times when code lists were incomplete). Rather, if you have non-standard EDI documents, then the approach is to not validate them using the built-in services and schemas. Rather, validate the fields you must have using your own custom service.


You are on the right track,yeh samples and lit EDI Documentation review will help you most of the extent.Search in the forums for any techinical difficulties most of the EDI related issues covered in many of the older threads.