How to extract packages from IS when its down ?

Hi Folks,

How can we extract packages from IS when its shutdown ? (Consider there is some issue in my IS due to which its down. Now we need extract those packages and import it another IS).

Please let me know your suggestions.


Go to IntegrationServer/packages folder you will see all your packages installed on the IS.

Zip the folder that you want and you can import them on other IS.

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In case of having package with adapters, make sure you have connectivity for the databases on the new server. My advice is extract the node.ndf of each adapter and then decode the value IRTNODE_PROPERTY (using your prefered language or simply by using this link to extract the host/ip and port so you can test it one by one on the new server.

Otherwise, when you startup the server with the new packages. it will “stuck” when trying to enable the adapters.