Import an IS Package

Duration:  5 minutes

An Integration Server (IS) package is a container of logically related assets like folders, FLOW services, Document Types, etc. and can be exported into a zipfile and imported from a zipfile.  You can import the solution to each tutorial by following the directions in this tutorial.

Prerequisites #

1.   The IS must be started.  Instructions on how to start the IS are found in the Prerequisites part of the 1. Create an IS Package and Folders FLOW tutorial.

Step Outline #

You import an IS package by executing the following steps:

  • Import the IS package export zipfile 

Step 1: Import the IS package export zipfile #

In this Step:  You will import the IS package export.

  • To import an IS package export zipfile or import a finished tutorial package, find the export zipfile at the bottom of the tutorial webpage, click to download the zipfile and save it to the following directory: <Installation Directory>\SoftwareAG\IntegrationServer\replicate\inbound.
  • Open a supported browser and enter the following URL in the address field:
http://<host>:<port> e.g. http://localhost:5555
  • Your browser displays the Integration Server Authentication dialog:

  •   Use the following values to log into the Integration Server:

Field Value
Username: Administrator
Password: manage (default password for IS)

Note:  These values may be stored from previous sessions.  In this case, select OK.

  •  Your browser displays the Integration Server Administrator page:

  • Select the Packages submenu and click the Management link:

  • Click the Install Inbound Releases link

  • Select the Release file name drop down to open it and select the IS package export zipfile you want to import and click the Install Release button.  This will import or overwrite the IS package onto this IS.*
  • If the Software AG Designer IDE is open you will have to refresh the Package Navigator view by right-clicking on the Default IS and selecting Refresh from the popup menu.

Conclusion #

You have imported an IS package export onto your IS.  You can use this tutorial to import the completed package tutorial and/or any other IS package export.

Read in this tutorial: