How to Enable FTP Logging in IS Server

webMethods Integration Server 10.3

Detailed explanation of the problem:

How to enable FTP logging in IS Server so that we can monitor who is accessing FTP server and monitor the transaction being made.
We have tried to enable “071-FTP Listener” in IS Logging but the FTP activities are not captured in the server.log.

Appreciate any help on this.

Thank you,
Fanny T

@Fanny_Sari What level of logging you have set for 071-FTP Listener ?

Hi Dinesh,

I have put it into “Debug” level for FTP Listener.
I think i got your point.
I have changed it to “Trace”, and now I am able to see the FTP log in the server.log.

Thank you again Dinesh. :slight_smile:
You are the man!

Best Regards,
Fanny T

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