How to Eliminate Run-Away Query to Adabas?

We have Production support individual using desktop sql-query tool to issue calls against our production Adabas DB. If they issue a run-away query which causes a table scan against our 35million records Adabas file, we want to know the fastest way to kill this query from the production system. We know overtime the query will be cleaned out but we are looking for a way to remove the query immediately.

Presumably we anticipate that there will be some form related to this query sitting in queues in the JDBC server, CONNX Listener, and Adabas. This is especially true with connection pooling turned on in CONNX JDBC.

We need the suggestion on the fastest way to kill this query from our live system.

  1. Does deleting the user-queue element only clean out this query in Adabas?
  2. Do we have to bounce the CONNX listener to stop it from issuing subsequent L1s?
  3. Does bouncing the CONNX JDBC service replicate the clean-up in the Listener + Adabas?
  4. In those instances if an app server were to issue this run-away query, does bouncing the app server + clear its connections makes a difference?

WE most likely cannot do 2 and 3 because other applications are processing using CONNX while we try to do this.

Any advise from you would be much appreciated.


The recommended way to do this is to use to extended SQL statements.
The first is {showsessions} - this will list all active queries in the JDBC Server along with the duration, and also a statement handle that can be used to kill a “run away” query.
The second is {killstatement }. This will cancel the specified query in the JDBC server and remove the user queue element in adabas.