Nat3048 error in adabas

i am working on natural with open VMS system.
while executing one of the jobs the job failed with the error NAT3048.
which says “A previously executed Natural session stopped abnormally without closing the database. The USERID still exists in the user queue of ADABAS.”

as the ADABAS clears the queue after a specified timeout i was able to restart and run the job.

however unable to find what caused this error. can any one of you tell me,how can we track the error which caused the user id to exist in queue.

The best thing would be to have the job monitored by a scheduling package so that in the case of an abend, someone can be immediately notified or restart instructions can be followed, such as to clear the user queue entry.

Thanks for the reply Brian.

But what i am expecting is, is there any way through which who can find the abnormal terminations that happend in the adabas, which caused the error.

As i know the user id for which this error came.

is there any specific feature in adabas which will report the abnormal terminations happend over some period of time or abnormal terminations with userid?

This is not an “abnormal termination that happened in Adabas”, but the client process faded away without closing the session properly,
so there is absolutely no way “from within Adabas” to find out what happened.

You know the userid so there is no way around finding out what happened to this user’s process/job.

thanks for the reply Wolfgang.