NAT3048 - Error during open processing

Hello everybody,

I have a job which extracts data from various ADABAS files. First step which extracts data from a file runs successfully. The second step which should extract data from another ADABAS file is failing. When I restart the job from top, without any modifications the job runs successfully.

Problem is job fails in the second step whenever it is run for the first time and completes successfully when restarted from top without modifications.

Error details:

NAT3048 Error during Open Processing DB/Subcode 2/8 - ETID = ProdServ

Can somebody help me in how to debug this.


are your first and second steps running with the same ETID?

You can use SYSAOS to see what ETIDs are active and for what files.

The NAT3048 indicates that the ETID is still actively in use - it may be working on the re-run due to a non-activity timeout. You probably need to review your Adabas open options in the NATPARMs to see if you are closing the database connections by default or not.

Not only the open (DBOPEN) and close (DBCLOSE) options,
but ADAMODE as well, 2/8 sounds like a FNAT to me.