Closing Natural anormally


I am using NAT611PL17 and ADA3332 on AIX53 and I noticed when I have a simple application with Update and End Transaction, after the update (after END TRANSACTION statement) if I close the session using the button (X) or to close the emulation program, the register is not release from Adabas hold queue. It seems that the last End Transation is not releasing the record. This behaviour put all other requests in hold as well. As workaround, I need to know if the first session is finished (timeout) and to kill the command in the command queue.
Does anyone have a similar situation? Is it a bug? Is there a parameter that I need to use it in order to fix it?



Let me consider about my post.

I found the correct situation:

I have several users that want to use the same record. The first terminal holds the record to update it. However, it takes a little bit to confirm the update, the rest of the terminals are waiting the record. The next terminal that would be to update the record, gives up, but, this user closes the emulation by the button (X) or closing the emulation program. The third terminal needs to wait the TT parameter in order to receive the control.
The TT and WH won’t be able to be changed.

According to the new scenario, does anyone have any idea how I can solve it?

Thanks and sorry for this misunderstood.

Hi Billy,

I think you are describing how Adabas / Natural works. The communication to Adabas is asynchronous, so it has to be able to persist (i.e. user queue). You need to educate your users to close the application cleanly rather than “pulling the rug from under Natural’s feet”.