adabas Message Queues

I have been trying to find out how ADABAS creates/removes message queues in HP-UX/ia64 11.23.

We use Applinx with about 500 users and when Applinx disconnects after a timeout, it leaves the message queue(s) for the user and they access 4 databases during a session.

  1. The user id is changed to ######## and remains in the user queue so a 3009 can be issued if necessary. We wrote a program to clean these up every 2 hours.
  2. Message queue entries change from …ada… to …ad0… and I do not know how to identify these.

Out message queues are set to 65,000 max, but with a policy of only re-booting once a month, this could exhaust the message queue resource.

any help is appreciated

There are two different things:

  1. The user queue elements are removed by Adabas if you use the OPEN_REQUIRED option. Then Adabas can remove the user queue elements after the non activity timeout, because this option takes care that the user gets the required response code 9 - only the reason is different: Open required instead of time limit exceeded.
  2. A cleanup of the message queues is done only if all message queues reserved for Adabas are in use (number of message queues = value of NU parameter in v3.3, value of NCL parameter in v5.1). This means that it is normal that the number of message queues increases - as soon as the maximum number of message queues is exceeded, it is reduced again.




Many installations have written programs to do ‘op’ across databases in order not to get ‘no open’ reasons when Open_required is set.

Thank you for the response.

Mike Waldron