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Hi folks,

is there a chance to get to know how long a user holds records in adabas ? I think one is able with “adaopr dis=hq” to get the information which isn’s in which files are held by which user, but how long ?

Any ideas ?

Dirk Holbeck

Hi DIrk,

As I understand it, the longest the user can hold a record is TT (Nucleus parameter). It will obviously be shorter if an ET (End Transaction) is issued or (if you are programming direct adabas commands) an RI is issued.

As to how far through the TT you are, I am not quite sure. Is this the question you are asking?

Peter Dowson

The time records may be in hold may be longer than TT depending on exactly when timeout processing is carried out. On mainframe (when I learned this many years ago) it is carried out every 1/2 of the shortest time value (TT, TNAE, …). If the shortest value is 60 secs, timeout processing is carried out each 30 secs. If timeout processing takes place 59 secs after your first record was set in hold you will first be timed out and records are released after 89 secs.


Hi Dirk,

with “adaopr di=uq_time_limits” you can see for different users the time limits TNAE, TT and the “Remaining Time”.
The ID in the first colunm is the same as in the hold queue output. So you can see for your hold queue entry over the ID the time limits remaining!


Hi folks,

thanks for your answers - i think especially the hint with “adaopr db=22 di=uq_time_limits” is very helpful, thanks Heiko.


Hi Dirk,

Sorry I am a bit late to this thread I have just joined.

We have a UNIX script and C routine that provides the functionality you seem to require; I have enclosed them below:

This works on Adabas 3.2 and HP-UX, having difficulty finding the source for the C routine at the moment I am afraid but is fairly straightforward function looking at the timestamp of the terminal and converting this into a more meaningful idle time (years, days, hours, minutes).

Please evaluate before use to make sure it is compatible with your environment.


Nick Parmley
getname_hq.zip (6.52 KB)

Hi Nick,

many thanks for that great script - i tested it in our HP environment and it works very well.

Many thanks and best wishes
Dirk Holbeck