How to edit EDI Document Type in TN

Hi All,

I am using webMethods v4.6, and working on EDI standards. I tried to install some UNEDIFACT EDI document type from the web-enabled integration server using the path:

integration server>Management>WmEDIforTN>Menu>Install EDI Doc type.

When i tried to open the same document type in the Trading Metwork. The document is creating some classpath error and i am not able to see the contents of it.

The Error is:
Error occured while editing selected document type.
The class for the document type that you are trying to edit is not found in the classpath. Please make sure that the classpath is set up properly.

Can anyone suggest where the matter is going wrong?


There is nothing wrong with your setup. EDI doc types are not editable using the TN Console.

You can edit the templates associated with a doc type in order to change how the documements are parsed. The most important aspects of doc type editing: recognition and attribute extraction are fixed and cannot be changed since this information is defined by the standard.