How to determine hostname ?


I am using SMTP to send mails from webmethods flow service. I would like to know these two

  1. How to determine the smtp host name from the domain name ? For example if is given then I want to determin the smtp hostname to send the mail dynamically. Can somebody help ?


I assume you’re attempting to fill in the mailhost input parameter of the pub.client:smtp service. And that you’re trying to determine a particular smtp host to connect to based on the addresses that will be in the to parameter.

The good news: you don’t need to do that. You most likely won’t have permissions to connect to an SMTP host directly, and keeping track of credentials to use for multiple SMTP hosts would be an unnecessary pain.

Just specify the SMTP host within your company (or your client’s company) and send the mail with whatever to addresses you desire. The SMTP host will take care of the rest.

But to really answer your question directly: “how to determine the SMTP host name from an e-mail address domain name”. There is no way to reliably determine an SMTP host from a domain name.

Hi Reamon,

Thanks a lot for your clear cut explanation. I am able to set the port.



I have successfully configured the port and enabled it in administrator. I have used my account credentials while configuring the port for receiving the mails in webmethods server. Once I enabled it I have lost all the emails in my inbox.

In the admin page I have given a sample service which is not yet completed in the section global service while configuring the port. I don’t think this should cause the mails to delete. I don’t find any reason why my mails got deleted. They are not even available in deleted items.

However I have lost important mails, atleast I want to know the reason to see that I wont loose mails when I research.

Any ideas would be helpful.


Hi Srinivas,

I suppose you used IMAP connectivity for the email port confifured and enabled ‘Delete valid emails’ option. When you configure an email port on webMethods for a specific email user, all the emails from the inbox will be delivered to the service you configured. Check your port configuration and disable this option.