How to delete the whole package with repository based deployment?


we use repository based deployment. We’d like to remove a package (the whole package, not just some files or services in it) on the target server (i.e. on the server we’re deploying to). For this purpose, a deletion set should be used. I have a couple of questions about that.+

  1. When creating a deletion set, I have to select an integration server. Why that? We’re doing repository based deployment so a IS should not be needed IMO.

  2. After selecting a IS I can select the package(s) to be deleted. I did this, saved the deletion set and then exported the deployer project as project automator file (to see how the deletion set is specified). I found out that the deletion set contains not just the “Component” entry for the package to be deleted but a “Component” entry for each service and file in the package.

The question is: is it possible to delete the package by just having a “Component” for the package as a whole? We create deployer projects automatically; hence it would be a problem for us to list every file and service in the package as parts of the deletion set. We’d like to specify the package in the deletion set.

Any hints will be much appreciated! Thanks.


please have a look at the Deployer Users Guide, chapter 9 (Deletion Sets).

This should answer your questions.


It should but it does not. I’ve looked there, there is no example of the syntax for the project automator to remove a whole package.