wmDeployer - Package locking issue

I’m trying to do a partial package deployment from one server to another. No big deal, we do it all the time. However, in this one instance, it’s not working.

The deployment project was defined, built, mapped and simulated just fine, but the deployment fails. Here are the contents of the deployment report:

Package Messages:
ERROR An error occurred while deploying package: “CRDSystem”; error message follows. Package CRDSystem has elements locked by another user. Unable to delete the package.
MESSAGE In the following package(s): “CRDSystem”, there were zero Publishable Document Types that needed to be synchronized.
Package Changes:
UPDATE The Package: “CRDSystem”, has been put into the inbound directory.

Our IS server admin and I have checked the package on both the target and source servers through wmDeveloper, and through IS, and nothing within the package is locked on either server.

From the deployment report, it looks as if the package was copied from the source server to the inbound directory on the target server, but the package cannot be deleted on the target server. Has anyone run into this problem before?

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