How to define DBconnection entity in Applinx 8.1

I’ve used Database connection entity in Applinx 5.4 to connect into DB2 for iSeries Database

with following parameters

File/Folder or ODBC Name: driver=Microsoft Access Driver (*.mdb);dbq=C:\jt400.jar
URL prefix: jdbc:as400://

how to set this in Applinx 8.1?
I’ve tried option Database type with params
URL: jdbc:as400://\jt400.jar

but test connection doesn’t work

any advice?

Bye Marian

Marian, sorry, it’s not obvious to me whether you tried the DB2 option as well or only the . There is a DB2 option in the databases list. Please let me know whether you tried that and that didn’t work for you either so I can go on checking from there.


I need to connect into DB2 for iSeries database.

I guess that the option DB2 with driver is only for UNIX and Windows platform of DB2, not for iSeries…

I tried only option without success


just making sure (sorry if it’s tedious, but…): did you move the driver to the right place in 8.1 installation?