Applinx Internal DB not available

Hello -

I’m using Applinx 8.2 (Windows XP) and when I create a new application, the option for ‘Choose Database Type’ of ‘Internal DB’ is not available.

The only options I have is Apache Derby, MS Access, ODBC, DB2, MySQL, Oracle, and MS SQL Server.

How can I change this so that I have an option for the ‘internal database’?

Thank you.

Hi Robert,

Can you describe how you get to that dialog?
It sounds like you’re trying to create a “New DB connection” entity, in which case the internal DB is not available.

To change the database type of an existing ApplinX Application repository:

  • Right Click the ApplinX application. Choose Properties.
  • In the Properties Tree, select “Repository”.
  • Check the “Database” radio button, if it’s not already checked.
  • If you have been working with a read-only database, a message will come up asking if you would like to import the entities from the read-only DB to the new database - Click YES.
  • The Internal DB should be selected be default - Click “Change DB” to select another type of database.
  • Finally, Click OK.

I hope this helps,