How to Create Event Rule with respect to a Event text Attribute

Hi All

I have just begin to play around in BAM Optimize.

i just tried to create a Event rule , Comparing a Text attribute.

The requirement is , i need to trigger a rule for Positive and Negative Ack, where the Business attriibute holds text value either ‘P’ or ‘N’.

while creating Event Map, confused to define that business attribute as Transaction type or fact type.Cox, the event rule allows only KPI instances, where it is not a Fact.

My Confusion here is, as we deal with a attribute which has only text value, why did the event rule ,explicitly asking for KPI (for both Event value/ Event Text). It is ok if its asking for Event value, but not sure for event text.

If my understanding is wrong, please help me with a clear way out to trigger a Event Rule with respect to a Event text Attribute.

PS: PFA Screenshot.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:
Sathish K