how to create a document reference that can be modified

There are some documents I manually created inside pipeline of a flow service. I want to add fields in it and document reference won’t allow that. I want the document reference instead of a document so that it will be maintainable and whenever original documents need to be changed, I can easily find all documents referencing them. So the question is, how to create a document reference that can be modified, or any other alternate solutions that make the document maintainable and organizable?

For any document Reference you would first create a document (via DTD or Schema or manual way) in some common package/folder (accessible to any interfaces or canonical specification publishable perspective and keep adding the elements/fields as required) and in the service you need to call that document as documentReference (in Service Input/Output tab)…The document can be Canonical or generic in nature and reference it where ever it is required in the flows.

Is that what you are trying to do or looking for inputs?


If I understood correctly - You want to create a document inside the pipeline tab (on the go at run-time) and you want to create a document reference inside the document you created first?

Yes, that is possible…:slight_smile:

Yes I am creating a document in the pipeline tab on the go. I will also removing some this document’s fields at run time. This kind of document is not maintainable and I hope it can be organized in a specific folder, and I am thinking of document reference. However document reference then won’t allow removing its fields. So seems not an easy solution for me…

Yes unless it is stable but in other words having documents and references should be manageable like FF Dictionaries/Schemas…



Define a document with all the fields required in your integration. For the fields that you don’t want to generate at runtime from pipeline can be defined with property ‘Required as False & Allow null as True’. This document reference will be used in the service. Map your reqd. pipeline to this reference document. It should work as expected.

Do let us know, if that helps.

Namit Verma

Yes this works. Thank you for helping.