How to work with documents in Application Platform


I’m quite sure this is possible, but how can we actually define our own input variables types in an Application Platform solution? For example, in my exposed method:

public String Test(ActionItemTemplate htmlTemplateParams)
StringBuilder stdLog = new StringBuilder();

	ActionItemTemplate ai = new ActionItemTemplate();
	return stdLog.toString();

Is this possible or is there any other way where I can work with “Documents” in my application platform?

Rui Gomes

Got it. Java beans might be a good solution. I would have preferred to use a document reference, but I am having some problems, even after creating the document reference POJO. I’m assuming it’s because it has other document references inside…

Hi Rui,
Starting in 10.1, App Platform enhanced its support for POJO generation of IS services. Prior to that release, the App Platform Service Wizard generated POJO wrapper classes from the input and output specs of an IS service. Even if the many services use the same document specification, the wizard would create a different set of POJO classes for the parameters.

So you can launch the AP service wizard ( Shift/Alt/Z ) from the Application Platform perspective and select existing IS documents. Wrapper classes will be generated for the selected document in one Java package for your AP service project, so that you may select one or more IS services that use the same document reference. I’ll upload ‘S.tar’ containing an Eclipse/Designer AP service project, and a word-doc that served as internal documentation for the feature.

The example created POJO wrappers from an IS flatfile specification document. (388.1 KB)

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You, my good sir, have read my mind! That was exactly what I was looking for! Using the dynamic IDataMap variable fixed my problem! Thanks a lot for the clear explanation :slight_smile:

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