How to configure correctly a cluster of Integration Servers (webMethods 9.0/9.5) ?

i’m just testing the clustering configuration of Integration Server (wM 9.0/9.5) with help of a ‘Terracotta Server Array’.
It seems i must constitute a mirror group, according to the licence delivered by SoftwareAG.
But i don’t really understand the real architecture, then how to configure the clustering part of the ISs.
Must i have to set the two members of the group ? Then, how the IS identifies the primary/active member of the group ?
Must i have to set the primary/active member ? But, how the IS will access to the secondary/passive in case of fault of the active member ?
Thanks in advance for your help.

Active/Passive behavior of Terracotta server array you can control using tc-config.xml property file.

Terracotta array will handle the part of handling active/passive

Thanks for your answer, Mangat.

But my question concern the clustering configuration of the Integration Server. In other words, i don’t know the requirements of the IS regarding the ‘Terracotta Server Array’ (mirror group vs. slice), then which hosts to put into the clustering configuration (idem for the cache management).

Thanks in advance

Frederic Leleu

Look at documentation

Starting page 23, you can find answer to your questions.

Hi Mangat

effectively, the documentation is a beginning…

So, the licence characteristics has solved my dilemma. It’s limited to one mirror group, driving me to declare all the TSA servers in the clustering configuration, then into the caching configuration (Cache Manager). It works fine now.

Perhaps the documentation should be more precise by requiring to declare all the servers of a given mirror group in order to build the clustering.

Thanks a lot.


Thanks for the update and yes you are right the documentation should be more precise for any one to digest and to explore more… :smiley: