ActiveTransfer Clustering

  1. In clustering high availability config of ActiveTransfer, does it support and require webMethods Integration Server clustering?
  2. When ActiveTransferServer works in cluster, are multiple AT servers able to write data into shared disk at the same time or what is the built-in mechanism to avoid conflict?


Good questions…Let’s wait for MFT experts replies please :smiley:

On the original post, does anyone have answers to the original questions?

In addition to these questions, in the 9-8_Managing_File_Transfers_with_ActiveTransfer, there is a section on Session Replication.

“Session Replication
Session replication is useful when a client directly connects to a load balancer which
in turn connects to ActiveTransfer Server. Session replication enables you to configure
replication of an ActiveTransfer client session that is in progress on one node,
across all other ActiveTransfer Server nodes in the group. A client connected to one
ActiveTransfer Server in a group is valid on all other ActiveTransfer Servers in the
group. So, if one ActiveTransfer Server goes down, the client is directed to another
ActiveTransfer Server in the group and any in-progress file transfers can continue
without the need for a client re-login.”

We have applications inside the network connecting through a load balancer to ActiveTransfer. My question is on the properties to support session replication. Below are the instructions for setting up the session replication addresses from the manual. My question is about the port, is 7800 a port specifically for replication that is assigned in these properties or just any port not used for anything else or should the port be the FTP port that clients use to connect?


Per the manual:
Specifies the IP address or hostname, and port details of this ActiveTransfer Server node.
The parameters are as follows:
IP_address_node_1 The IP address or host name of this ActiveTransfer Server node.
port_node_1 The port number on which the session replicator is running for this node.
For example: mft.session.replication.address=

Specifies the IP address or hostname, and port details of the ActiveTransfer Server nodes
that will form a group with this server node. The parameters are as follows:
IP_address_ node_2[port_node_2], IP_address_ node_3[port_node_3]…
IP_address_ node_n[port_node_n]
IP_address_ node_n The IP address of the nth node in the group.
port_node_n The port on which the session replicator is running on the nth node.