Clustering Settings

Hi Team,

I have few queries on the clustering and loadbalancing settings :

How can i find out whether active - active or active passive cluster has been used in my project.

I checked in the terracotta logs and could see Passive StandBy for one of the Servers.

So if active - passive has been used then i have read that loadbalancer can be used with active active.

Cant the loadbalancer be used with active passive cluster.

I am confused. Kindly help me understand the concept.

Thanks in advance.

Hi Priyanka,

LoadBalancer only makes sense in active-active clustering.

It doesn´t make sense to route messages to the passive node.


Thank you for the reply.

So can i conclude that active active clustering has been used in my project , if loadbalancer is being used?


Yes please check with your wM admin/network teams and get it confirm.