how to clear the authorization/authentication cache on IS v.9.7

Hello forum.

I have developed and deployed a set of new webservices and a set of new or modified ACLs.
After deployment some services are still not accessible for already authenticated clients. The reason is the caching mechanism of the IS.

At the moment the only way to force the IS to reset the cache is to reboot it. Which is ok for the Testenvironment but not for the productive one.

Does anyone of you know, how to reset the authentcation cache?

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See if this helps :
IS-> Server → Service Usage → Reset Server Cache option.

-Sudhakar C

You can also set some reset cache interval rather resetting or restarting it manually.

Thank you for the reply. I know how to clear the complete server cache :D.
But i am looking for a solution to reset the auth cache only.

Did you try: Security > Certificates >Clear SSL Cache

No i did not try that. And i am not sure if it helps - because SSL and authorization are two different things.
If there is no other way i will reset the complete server cache. This is better than restarting the server :wink:

Not sure about auth cache but in webMethods you can reset the cache on server level (on IS page) and at flow service level (by Java API or a service present in WmRoot).


You can try this also…
Service pub_cache_admin_clearAllCaches.

for clearing all caches.

Looks like this is for public eh-cache or terracotta cache and not for system cache.