Caching- Urgent

Hi Team,

Can anyone please tell me where the values get stored when we define it in caching?

Where the values are actually getting stored or whose memory it is going to use?

Is there any possibility(say by any means…not through designer) of fetching the values even if the IS is dowm?

Thanks in advance.

If you’re referring to service results caching (e.g. set the Run time | Cache results property of a service to true) then it is stored in memory. And no it is not available if IS is down.

Proceed with caution. Caching does NOT limit itself to the inputs/outputs of the service – it stores and restores the entire pipeline.

To add more, if you are leveraging the inbuilt service cache on IS it gets stored on the memory (on-heap) and it is not available after the restart.

If you are looking for persistent and cluster aware cache, you can use Terracotta Cache at an additional licensing cost.

Thank you Rob and Mahesh.


you might want to check for the Built-In-Services pub.cache:*

Also have a look at the IS Administrators Guide for chapter “Configuring Ehcache on IntegrationServer”.