How to clear JDBC connection queue with out server restart?


Due to database connectivity issue Integration server stored entries on Queue.
After the connection resume the IS doesn’t log the queue data into DB.
Also I couldn’t clear the queue.

Could anybody tell how to clear the queue with out restarting the server?

Error Details [BAA.0000.0057] Auditing failed. The audit record was written to the failed audit log. Failed to insert WmAuditLogEvent onto queue ‘Error Queue’; reason: com.webmethods.lwq.LwqException: Failed to insert additional 1 message(s). Reaching maximum queue size of 10000. Current queue size is 10000


Just enable an disable the adapter connection with the issue. That should work.

Hi Sam,

I guess Kesavaraman is referrin g to the audit logging done by IS and not of a specific adapter. We have also faced this issue sometimes when the audit queue gets full and the IS starts writing this data to the FailedAuditlog file in IS/logs folder.

The only way we were able to resolve this was by restarting the IS. Is there any other way this can be achieved?


Yes only with restart IS will help to clear any stale connections (also make the Adapter fixes are up to date) and in order to connection reset.