no JDBC connection pool available

I have this information in Log file
2007-03-30 15:19:12 EST [ISS.0025.0017C] Repository Manager started
2007-03-30 15:19:13 EST [ISS.0025.0024C] JDBC Connection Manager started
2007-03-30 15:19:13 EST [ISS.0095.0005C] AuditLogManager Initialization failed, no JDBC connection pool available.

The Integration server is not up in Windows 2000 server machine. Eventhough it was working earlier. Can some one help me urgently

Did you checked/tested if the JDBCPool for Audit external db connection working??Auditlog data could also be corrupted and might caused audit connection initialization failed during the IS startup…Any patches/fixes updated to your IS env before it stopped working??


If this is test/dev instance, you can change the watt.server.auditStore param to “local” in the server.cnf file in the config dir… start the instance… and fix the jdbc connection pool issue…

In all probability, the issue you are facing in due to incorrect specifications for the jdbc pool…