How to add a user to a group programmatically (IS)


Is there a way to programmatically add an existing local user in an Integration Server to a group?


wm.server.access:groupAdd this must do it for you. Also explore the services in WmRoot (wm.server.access). Please not that the services in WmRoot are internal to webMethods and you must use it at your own risk.

To access the WmRoot package in designer add the extended setting watt.server.ns.hideWmRoot=false on IS. And just note that server restart is not required.

Any questions?

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I called service wm.server.access:groupAdd and I received an error saying that the group already exists. I should mention that both my user and group already exist, I just want to associate them. I’ll look at the other services in access folder.

Yes I did not test it. You can also check wm.server.access:userUpdate. HTH

I used userUpdate and it enabled me to specify a group that the user belongs to as wanted. Unfortunately, it forces you to specify a password for the user even if you don’t want to change it. But in my case it does the job.


Yes I agree.