How long to wait for a new MWS role to be available to add to IS ACL?

I have created a new role in My webMethods Server, but when I go to the Integration Server admin to add the new role to my ACL, it doesn’t show up in the Select Role/Group listing. I have selected “Central” and run a search. Other roles created in the past show up, but not the new one.

How long should I expect it to take for the new role to be visible in IS? Do I need to restart IS?

There is dependency of Universal Messaging from 10.0 onwards, we have to configure UM to access new user, Group, Role i.e CUM.

Please follow below steps to configure UM.

  1. Install Universal Messaging
  2. start the UM server
  3. start UM “Enterprise Manager”
  4. Right Click on “Realms” and click on ‘Connect to Realm’
  5. Enter RNAME URL as nsp://localhost:9000 (nsp://:9000) and click ok button
  6. Login To MWS
  7. Go to Administration > My webMethods > System Settings > Cluster Settings"
  8. Click on ‘Advanced or Clustered Configuration’ tab
  9. Provide “JMS Provider URL:” as nsp://localhost:9000
  10. Save the changes and restart the IS, MWS and UM server

Workaround : To restart IS

What does this have to do with CentralUsers configuration between IS and MWS?

I am not using Universal Messaging. I have webMethods 10.1 with Broker 9.6.

As mentioned in page 15 and 17 of (see attached screenshot), MWS product design has been changed to stop using database as a JMS provider for MWS cluster, and instead switched to use Universal Messaging as JMS provider. The JMS provider is not only required by MWS cluster but also Central Users (CDS) which is applicable in your case. Please see detailed explanation and arrangements from R&D for the change below.

The decision to remove the database-based clustering was driven in an effort to improve robustness, as the database cluster implementation has caused significant issues in large MWS customers. It was assumed that MWS clustering would only be needed by BPMS customers and that they would have UM in their landscape anyway (or at least would have after a migration from Broker). There is an additional use-case of IS-only customers using Central Users (CDS). This setup also requires MWS clustering to be configured, even if there is only a single MWS, because each CDS client (i.e. each IS) is effectively a mini-MWS that needs its state synchronized using that mechanism.

MWs Product Managers have agreed that from a licensing perspective, They can grant a free limited-use UM license to any customer who does not have UM. For customers using Broker, they should have migration to UM on the roadmap due to the future Broker deprecation plan. Until then, they will help customers to get a free UM license limited for MWS usage only.

Thanks for the explanation. It would have been helpful if this requirement was mentioned in the IS 10.1 Administration guide under “Requirements for Central User Management”. I didn’t pay much attention to discussions of clustering in any documentation since I’m not operating a clustered environment in either IS or MWS (or so I thought).

Attached screenshot