How Document reference works

I dropped an existing record(and schema) and recreated the same after
adding a few fields to the XML schema. So a record as well as WM schema
are created from a modified XML schema. This record is being used by
some flow services as a document reference priror to my dropping and
Now I expected the newly added fields to be available in the record in
the flow services. But they are not, even though the record is a
reference to the document that’s originally created from XML schema.
I am using 6.1 version. Any suggestions.


Might just be due to a need to refresh your session? Developer hangs onto things when you change document structures…

If the namespace name of the document is identical and the structure hasn’t changed too much you might be lucky and it’ll be fine, if the name (case sensitive) has changed then it will be keeping a “phantom document structure” because it no longer has the document definition.

One other thing: did you move it before deleting, as your references might be pointing somewhere you’re not expecting.

Nathan Lee