How do we achieve the expansion of certain rows even after refresh of the Tree in CAF ?

Hi Experts,

How do we achieve the expansion of certain rows even after refresh of the Tree in CAF ? Attached is the screenshot of the Tree which we used in our implementation . As you could see there is provision of 3 radio buttons and on change of this , the Tree is refreshed to show certain columns and hide certain columns. And in the Tree for the column Version ( basically uses Tree Toggle ) one could expand or collapse . All we wanted to achieve is that , if a user chooses to expand certain row , on change of radio button on the top, the same row should be expanded there as well which is currently not happening since all are collapsed after Tree refresh.

I have provided the details in the screenshot , could someone let know how we could go about this ?

Thank you.


I believe that the tree toggle control would automatically remember what rows were open and do the same when you refresh it.

The only way I could see the open rows information getting lost would be if the tree content provider was destroyed (or went out of scope) as part of the action handler that is doing the refresh.

Perhaps you could provide a simple test project that demonstrates the problem more clearly.

Hi Eric,

Thank you for your response . Well to demonstrate it to you , well i could give you access to our Application to let know our issue .

Let me know a suitable time when i could do this , i can send you fastviewer invite for the same ? Hope this is fine with you .


Hi Nischal,

Sorry, I am very busy so I can not commit to attending a fastviewer session. If you are able to create a simple test project that demonstrates the problem in isolation, then I could try to look at it between my other activities.

If that is not possible, then this issue is becoming more complex and needs to be formally tracked. Could you please help by filing an SI(Support Incident) with GS(Global Service)? Please include all the necessary information so that GS may record and also review for any other issues that match. If GS needs to create an iTrac, then whichever R&D engineer handles this case will be expecting a clear description of the issue, logs and any other details in order to efficiently be able to help. Providing this info in the beginning will make the process go faster.