How do I remote debug an MWS application?


I new to webMethods and I have been trying to find out how to debug my own application.

When I try to debug using designer and run the “Debug On Server” debug configuration, it I get an error stating that the server does not have the which is one of the java classes I use.

I am doing something wrong, or do I need to copy my java source files somewhere?

Thanks in advance.


hi ,

Your rewuirement to debug the CAF application, if want to DEBUG the CAF application you need to the server Debug mode.

To start the application server in debug mode
1 On the Servers view, select the application server and, in the toolbar of that view,
click Stop the server.
2 On the toolbar of the Servers view, click Start the server in debug mode.

can you reply me r u getting after doing above steps.

Anil kumar ellendula

Hi Anil,

Thanks for your repply.

I have done as you said.
Now, I am not getting the error anymore, but I now have another problem, the tab where my application used to run does not show anymore (the tab used to show automatically).
Do you have an idea of how to show the view in this debug mode?

Thanks in advance,

Antonio Madeira