How do I modify / edit WebMethods forms?

I am almost all in all for Software AG products in my company (Developer / Application Admin / Administrator / System Manager etc.). :smiley: I am sort of learning how to modify mash zone dashboards and data feeds. But I don’t have an idea as how to modify the forms in WebMethods. What do I logon as? Administrator / system manager / or something else? How do I start editing/ modifying? Of course I will start with my DEV environment and not in QA or Production. Any idea or help or hint will be appreciated.

Siva Kuppusamy

Can you elaborate what actually you are trying to achieve here. As far as I understood you are trying to create new dashboards from Aris Mashzone. However you have also mentioned that you want to modify web Methods Forms… Is it IS Admin page you are talking?

I am attaching a screen shot. As shown in the screen shot I will like to replace the circled box from “Process” to “Transaction Type” if it can be done easily.

Well, here you are trying to change in build CAF screen from webmethods into MWS Admin screen. I would say that there is no easy way to do this. However you may achieve this by creating you own custom portlet using CAF and attaching that portlet to a custom workspace. You will have to do some research in CAF development to achieve this.

Thanks Farid. I apprecite your feedback. I will work on your suggestions.