How do I add a Generic Portlet to My Home Page’s View List?

[SIZE=3][FONT=Times New Roman]I created using Designer 7.1 a Generic Portlet and add it to the Public Folder of MWS. So, when I enter to MWS as SysAdmin I am able to go to public folder and use it.

What I want is to be able to enter to MWS and view that portlet without typing the URL, using a custom home page selected in the view list.

I know how to created the custom home page but not how to associated the generic portlet to that custom home page.

Francisco Pereira

I don’t think it is allowed to change the default view for Administrator, designer, and sysadmin. But u can create a user and change it in the way u like.
This is a rough procedure:

  • Create an alias for your custom page (on property)
  • Create a user
  • On user preference add the alias (click on useAlias)
  • Create a new shell and add the alias to the shell rule condition and select the custom page on the result box (on Manage Shell Rules link)

hope it helps

Actually this is what is happening:

I created a BPM Process with its associated portlet task. Each of these tasks can be access trough the inbox of the assigned users. Each of these users can configure their home page easily using the home icon of any inbox portlet.

Apart from this, I also created a generic portlet that take some info and make a call to an IS flow that publish the document needed to start the already created BPM process.

How do I make that generic portlet accessible to users so they can start a process inside MWS portal?

Right now I only can access that generic portlet entering as SysAdmin and looking for it in the public folder.

You can do the following

Create the seperate group in the MWS and add the desired users in that group

And give them the MWS user privilage.

And then set the generic portlet as the home page for that particular user,

I think this would do.Any more suggestions are welcome .Even i m working on a similar requirement.

  1. Create a new start page rule.
  2. Associate the group/role or user in the condition.
  3. In the result option give the alias of the portlet created.
    Whenever this user will login, will be taken directly to the portal application.