How do I add a Generic Portlet to My Home Page


I created using Designer 7.1 a Generic Portlet and add it to the Public Folder of MWS. So, when I enter to MWS as SysAdmin I am able to go to public folder and use it.

What I want is to be able to enter to MWS and view that portlet without typing the URL, using a custom home page selected in the view list.

I know how to created the custom home page but not how to associated the generic portlet to that custom home page.

Francisco Pereira

Hi Francisco,

You can find this information in the MWS Admin guide in the chapter “Adding and Managing portlets” on page 310ff.
Basically you need to edit the page, select your portlet in the list of available portlets and drag&drop it onto the page.

Please let me know if you require more information.


You can create your own pages next to Monitoring/Administration which you see when you login as Administration. These pages are found under Folders > My webMethods Applications > Fabric Tasks. You need to login as sysadmin to create pages under there and add portlet on these pages as Thomas described.