Exposing a webpage alone to specific user through MWS

My requirement is: Expose a web page (page with portlet) through My webmethods Server. When the user login in to MWS, he should see the web page alone and nothing else. How to do that?

I have created a page and added a portlet to it. Have set up a alias to that page and gave permission to that user. When the user uses the my webmethods server url with alias, he is seeing the webpage in the body section of the browser where as the left hand side menu is from my webmethods server contents (Application, Workspace) etc and header has standard My Webmethods logo etc. I do not want that left hand menu and My webmethods server header. Instead the user should see the page (which I have created) in the full browser screen.

You would want to create a new shell rule whose condition matches your page and whose target shell is the blank shell.

See the “Managing Shell Rules” section of the Administering My webMethods Server guide for more information.