How to disable portlet menu


I want to disable the portlet menu which shows properties, minimize and maximize options. It’s possible?


You create a shell rule to use the Guest Titlebar as opposed to the default titlebar. The guest titlebar won’t have any of that functionality enabled.

Let me know if this works for you.

Before create the rule, one question: when the rule is created, how guest titlebar take effect?


You create a custom shell that is based off of a pre-existing shell. In the configuration for that shell, you select a different titlebar.

I have a page in fabrik tasks which have 2 portlets (search & result), how do I make the page or the portlets run under that shell rule.

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If this is version 8 of MWS, it will be easier to just switch the default skin and shell for my WebMethods Users. (There is a default skin/shell rule that you can change, or clone and point to your skin and shell)

I took a different approach. I’ve define a new shell, select the guest tittlebar and execute my portlet page indicating what shell must be used using the following sintax:


Custom.Inbox is an alias to porlet page.
The new shell was defined as CustomInbox.

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