How can we view messages and resubmit a document to UM using nEnterpriseManager

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Does anyone know How can we view published messages (both success and failed ones) and resubmit a document to UM using nEnterpriseManager? Like the we used to have in My webMethods.

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Hi Ram,

UM does not maintain a history of processed messages. You can use the Snoop function in Enterprise Manager to tap into message streams, but that is only as long as Snoop is enabled.
If you have Integration Server subscribing to UM, then I recommend you enable service auditing on the top level service being triggered. That will allow you to easily find, view and resubmit any failed messages.

Thank you Jonathan!

Yes, we have upgraded our webMethods environments to 9.9 recently. If i unable the Audit Logging, Can i do the resubmission with nEnterpriseManager?



What I am suggesting is to enable service auditing on the top-level service triggered in IS. That audit data will be viewable and resubmittable using the UI in MWS (Monitoring > Services).

Jonathan, Ram’s concern is – Are we able to submit data from nEnterpriseManager after enabling Audit Logging for top level service.


You cannot REsubmit messages from Enterprise Manager (EM), unless you use Snoop, which only works on a per EM-instance basis while Snoop is running. Snoop and EM are unrelated to service auditing in IS.
If your data format is suitable, then you can submit messages from EM (e.g. for debugging or testing purposes), and that ability is not affected in any way by enabling service auditing in IS.

Snoop is the functionality we do observe after creating Topic or Q in EM. We can find the messages with the help of EventID’s. Kindly correct me if i’m wrong.


Does NUM (Software AG Universal Messaging) or nEnterpriseManager 10.3 have capability to resubmit a message or reprocess failed top-level service that is audited? Trying to avoid MWS installation if Monitoring is the only functionality we need.

Hello Joy,

If the message is still sitting in the Universal Messaging server you should be able to snoop it, then right click on the event you are interested in and choose the republish option.


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So, what’s the performance penalty for snooping?

I believe there will be no impact on the ES performance wise having with snoop enabled as long as UMv10.x loaded with latest EM and NUM related fixes from the operational perspectives when dealing with any type of payload events (small or larger data sets)

Just my few cents!

I agree with Joy, We try to avoid MWS as much as possible. SAG explained during the last 2 years that they plan to move to IS most of the functionality. But with the new product UM we need to use MWS to monitor activities on IS like services, process execution, event messages etc. That’s not a strategy for the future. So we build our own GUIs.
Is there any group building a GUI to monitor and manage the IS and UM beside MwS ?