how to leave messages in UM when receiving external service is down


We would like to stop sending messages to an external service if that service is down.

Currently, we resend the messages from the failed services section in Trading Networks when the external service is up again, but we would like to stop picking up the messages from UM when a heartbeat test indicates, that the external service is down and then start to pick up the messages again from UM when the heartbeat shows, that the service is back up. We are using a Messaging Trigger to pick up the UM messages.

As far as I know it is not possible in webMethods 9.8 which we use, to suspend a Messaging Trigger “automatically/using a service”.

How would you suggest that we leave the messages in UM when the receiving service is down?

Kind regards Mikael

Hello Mikael,

you can call inbuilt services and suspend/resume trigger during run-time.

Please check the builtin services inside Wmpublic pub.trigger