How can we recover the "Fabric Tasks" application from "My webMethods Applications"

Hi all,

The “Fabric tasks” application located under “Folders > My webMethods Applications” has been accidently deleted. Is there any way to recover easily the deleted component?

Thank you for your help


I would suggest to restore previous database backups of MWS and check if it works.

Hi all,

I am sharing steps I followed (given by Empower support) to resolve this issue.

The first one, is to go under:
/MWS/server/<your instance|default>/deploy. And run:

COPY /B fabric +,
wait 10 minutes and run it again.
COPY /B fabric +,

If this doesn’t resolve the problem, you can run:
COPY /B . +,
This will install all MWS components again.

Finally, if the solutions above didn’t work, you can do the following:

  • Stop MWS
  • Edit /MWS/server/default/config/
    Delete all the lines except the first two starting with “#”.
  • Save the file
  • Start MWS

And if this doesn’t work too, then you have, unfortunatly, to reinstall. In my case, the third solution solved my problem. Except some entries which were missing on MWS Administrator GUI, I had to reinstall them separatly using the COPY command line.

The given instructions were for a windows server. If you run under UNIX, the equivalent command should be “touch”

Hope this help.