How can i receive files from FTP directly on TN?


We have a requirement wherein our trading partner is going to send EDI files via FTP. Is there any way we can setup TN to pull this files directly from FTP or do i have to write something in IS to pull these files first and then submit to TN?

I will prefer to have these files land on TN first and then go to IS for further processing.

Appreciate all your help on this.


You need to setup a IS service to get the files from FTP and route it to TN as TN cannot poll FTP files from the remote site.

Also you can review there is aVAN service that can route it to TN as soon as it retreives from FTP site.

VAN.VANConnectivity:getFromVAN (set param saveInboundtoTN)


Thanks RMG, much appreciated.

your welcome: