How can I query the set input parameters

I created a generic service that requires input parameters to be set within a processing rule. I would like to run a query against the parameters, is there a way that I can access this data? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Can you be a little more explicit? As I understand from what you’ve posted:

  1. You have a service that has input parameters. Let’s say three strings named A, B and C.

  2. You have processing rule that invokes this service. Within the rule, you set the input parameters to some values. A=“fred”, B=“wilma”, C=“pebbles”

What do you mean by “query against the parameters”? Since the service declares A, B and C on the input tab, you should be able to freely reference those pipeline variables within your service. Is this what you mean?

Actually I am looking to write an external query against the TN database(processing rule table) to retrieve the input parameters set within the processing rule.

Ah, I see. The rule contents are stored in a BLOB named RuleData in the ProcessingRule table. Presumably the BLOB is a Java object of some sort, probably Kinda limits its query-ability unfortunately. It would seem that to get the input settings of a rule you’ll have to write a Java program to iterate over the rules and deal with each RoutingRule object directly.