How to use rest resource parameters as input

Good day,

I’m new to webMethods flow service development I’m currently developing a REST API on Designer 10.5, I want to use the resource params as my input and I’m not sure how to achieve that For example this is how the REST API resource will look like
http://localhost:5555/users/userAccounts/12345/billingDetails?countryCode=USA. What I want to achieve is to able to use the userAccountsId (12345) and countryCode value as my input when they invoke the API.


Hi @dubebafana23 ,

Please let me know more details, is this a free trial or licensed?
Have you installed all the latest fixes on 10.5?

Please refer to the section on working with Rest API Descriptors in our Service Development help

Also for more configuration of Restv2 resources refer to the documentation

I will also try to provide you with a sample.