Hijri Datepicker or Calendar

Hi Experts,

I am creating a form in Business console and writing all the necessary code in view.xhtml of BC Gadget.

Among the form fields, I have a requirement to provide gregorian calendar as well as Hijri Calendar/datepicker for selection.

I am not sure how to achieve the same. Could anyone provide a sample to do the same?


Hi Irfan,

Can you please provide some more details, may be some screenshots or something to understand your requirement.

Vinay Kortikere

Hi Vinay,

Thanks for responding.

I was trying to create a datepicker field in form which can show islamic calendar. With a lot of digging, I found moment.js and moment-hijri.js on internet which helped to achieve the same.

Although I do not understand the concepts of angularjs yet, I was able to make it work somehow.

As a general question, can we use tags and use javascript functions and invoke from view.xhtml of Business console gadget? I ask this because I have limited or no knowledge on angularjs but I can work with javascript. And there are some requirements like scrolling to an element when a button is clicked or giving focus to certain element and its difficult to figure out how to make it work using angularjs in business console as I am not a UI developer, so if there is a way that javascript can be used in business console then let me know how.

Thanks for helping out already :slight_smile:


yes, you can include the external js files, you can place the js file in the project directory and including it in the gadgetDefinition.xml and directly including in the xhtml file.


Does that mean if I keep

But nothing happens when I click on the button.

Would you let me know how we can achieve such thing in business console?