Help setting up Tomcat to use soap wrapper from EX Workbench

This is definitely a newbie question, but I need help firing up a Tomcat server with all the plumbing necessary to put my XML soap wrappers (XMM, WSDL files) from the EntireX workbench as web services on the server. What jar files are required and where do they get put? If there’s documentation out there somewhere, point me in the right direction.


in very brief steps, this is how you can setup tomcat:

  • Copy entirex.war into /webapps
  • Start Tomcat
  • Now you’ve got a /webapps/entirex directory

To setup your service:

* Copy your WSDL to <tomcat>/webapps/entirex
* Copy your XMM to <tomcat>/webapps/entirex
* Add your service entry to <tomcat>/webapps/entirex/xml-init.xml e.g.
        <exx-xmm exx-brokerID="<broker-host>:<broker-port>" exx-service="RPC/MYRPC/CALLNAT" >/myrpc.xmm</exx-xmm>
  Adapt to your broker-id <broker-host>:<broker-port> to e.g. localhost:1971.

To address it:

  • Check with a browser: http://:/entirex/xmlrt
    This addresses the XML Servlet without data.
  • Call the service (with data) at the same address
  • Get your WSDL via http://:/entirex/.wsdl

For a more detailed explanation please check the documentation for “XML Servlet”.

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Hi Lij,

here is a document I created to outline the steps you should take to configure and deploy the XML Servlet under Tomcat (and JBoss).

Hope this helps.


Thanks for the help! I followed your instructions exactly and was able to successfully call the web service from my application.