strange behaviour of entirex xml servlet

env: win2000p, EXX comm 711, Apache 2.0.47, Tomcat 4.1.24, java 1.4.01_02

problem: issuing localhost:8080/entirex/xmlrt the test page is returned. issuing localhost/entirex/xmlrt the servlet tries to connect to the default host ‘localhost:1971’ defined in example.xmm. i guess. issuing localhost/entirex the example test page for example CALC

any clue or idea



Hi Michael,

I’m not sure I understand exactly what you are trying to accomplish. Maybe you can expand a bit more on what you are trying to do.

First of all some comments:
Obviously there will be a difference between posting to http://localhost:8080 and http://localhost

- Port 8080 would most probably be reserved for your servlet engine (in this case Tomcat)
- Port 80 will most likely be reserved for you webserver (I assume Apache).

Do you have tomcat “plugged” into Apache? And is this the reason why you are trying to do a post to http://localhost/entirex/xmlrt and not directly to Tomcat?

Do you get the following style output when you do a post directly to http://localhost:8080/entirex/xmlrt without specifying a input XML document?

EntireX XMLServlet, Version:, Date: 28 Apr 2003
Servlet Container: Apache Tomcat/4.0.6

supported Servlet API version: 2.3

Header/Parameter Value
exx-xml-init /xml-init.xml

Incoming document is empty.

Are you attempting to reproduce this type of behavior when you do a post (without an input XML document) to http://localhost/entirex/xmlrt?


hi Theo,

thank you first. now some more information:
1. i am running TOMCAT as ‘plugin’ into Apache to avoid the visibility of port 8080. so far this is working nicely. as an example i can call Axis implemtation without editing port 8080. another example: i am running the XML mediator without port 8080 as well.
2. i have done all necessary definitions similar to the XML mediator defintions as described in the Apache/Tomcat literature. now i try both access requests and actually i exspect to see the same result using either
http://pcmkh02:8080/entirex/xmlrt or using http://pcmkh02/entirex/xmlrt. in both case i should get the test page.

hope this will help you