Error to get generated Application to work

Hi all,

I have a problem with XApplication. I deployed successfully (or so it seemed). I’m able to generate a new application, but when I try to perform any of the generated functions (search, browse, etc.) I get the following error:
XException: id = 999
Wrapped exception reading schema xapplication4.1.1.4 Property failed: NestedException:Tamino access failure (INOXME8554, No message received)

Attached you will find a text file with the complete error message. I also noticed some errors during the startup of Tomcat. Attached you will find the Tomcat log file. I suspect these error are related, but don’t know how to get rid of either.

Suggestions anyone?

Theo (5.09 KB)


a first glance, the tomcat messages look like an XML parser problem. I’ m not sure if the read-schema problem is a follow-up problem, but maybe.

Which version of Tomcat do you use? We tested X-Application with 4.1.18, if you use 4.1.27, you need some additional setup.

Which Java version do you use?

Have you been able to run the example applications with your combination of Java+Tomcat?


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Hi Michael,

I’m using Tomcat 4.1.18. I tried the example applications and they also gave errors. I also couldn’t get some of the easier JSP examples, such as
Hello, Browse, etc. to work. When I try these examples I get JSP error messages. I attached a document that shows the error message.

I’m using Java version

JSPerror.txt (6.41 KB)

Hi Theo,

so we should first try to get the examples up and running. To me, your localhost_log.txt file is most suspisous. The digestest is used by Tomcat to load it’s xml configuration files. Can you see more detailed exceptions in other log files? Because the exception we see is high-level, the has to be a deeper problem.

Did you modify you Tomcat 4.1.18? In this case, you chould try to re-install it …

If you have a jdk 1.3 on your machine, please try to run with this jdk because your 1.4 has an xml parser which could cause trouble.


Software AG Germany, Darmstadt

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