Installing XMlruntime servlet under Websphere 5.1

Hi All
I’m trying to install the XmlRuntime servlet under WEbpshere 5.1 on LINUX (in Z/OS).
The documentation isn’t to clear, maybe someone can help through with this installation ?
Thanks in advance

Hi Mona,

EntireX 7.1.1 comes with a war file, EntireX 7.2.1 has an ear file in addition.
You need to check the WebSphere docu how to install a web application (web/ear archive file).

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Hello all
I hoped that maybe someone can give me hints,because I installed the war file, but I need to configure the ini.xml file, and it’s still packed in the war file, so I guess the deployment failed ?!
Thank you in advance

Hello Mona,

I got the following information:

You need to check the documentation for Websphere 5.1. Each web server has its own way how, when and if at all they unpack war files.

The web.xml file (in the war file: /WEB-INF/web.xml) contains an init-parameter “exx-xml-init” which you might change to a fully qualified file name. Maybe it’s possible to change this is the Deployment GUI of Websphere. Ot you have to do this before deployment of the war file.

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Hi Mona,

I created a document which describes the procedures for Tomcat and JBoss. I have not tried it with WebSphere. Should you find this document useful and deploy the EntireX XML Servlet under WebSphere, I would appreciate it if can share the information with me. Maybe you can update the document with the WebSphere specific information?

If you would like to update the document I can send you the original.

EntireX_Communicator_-_XML_Wrapper_Deployment_Configuration_v1.pdf (622 KB)

Hi Theo
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I went breefly over your document, and in Websphere it’s a little different, mostly with the tool set that Websphere provides (WASADM for example).
If you wish , email me the source of the document and I’ll add in docu for the Websphere .