Help required regarding the Natural Adabas installation

This is Prabhu Subramaniam. I have the Free Natural productivity package personal edition for installation

The Natural Productivity Package - Personal Edition includes:

Adabas doubt.doc (146 KB)

  1. Ignore the lines starting with %ADANUC-W- because they are only warnings.
  2. The line with %ADANUC-F- describes the real error. I guess Nucleus parameter “PLOG” is turned ON, and this is not allowed for your trial product. PLOG is a security-logging mechasism of ADABAS. Please turn it OFF and try it again …

Hi Matthias

Thank you very much for your response. Please could you let me know where shold I change the PLOG parameter to make it off


Start the program “DBA Workbench” for Windows. I didn’t use that program the past few months so I forgot the exact names in the menu. But there must be a menu line called “Nucleus parameter”.

Or you have to right-click on the Database-Number and there the menu “Nucleus parameter” appears …

If you are using the DBA workbench, then use the PROFILE menu followed by nucleus parameters. You will find an entry called PLOG. It needs to be NOPLOG.


:slight_smile: Thanks a ton. Its working fine now